Hello! I’m Allie, and this is my corner of the Internet.

I blog about life, words,  cooking with simple recipes, health & wellness, and things that bring joy.



8 Facts About Allie:
1) I believe love and kindness prevails over bad and evil….Love always wins.
2) I enjoy running.  I’ve completed 2 half marathons, 2 – 10 milers, some 10K’s, and a bunch of 5K’s.
3) I was married on a Tuesday in Las Vegas at the Bellagio. It was perfect.
4) In the DVD “An Evening with Kevin Smith,” you can find me laughing during the story Kevin Smith told about Prince, circa 2001.
5) I believe in the Oxford comma.
6) I strongly dislike the holiday season. I believe the month of December is full of bad juju.
7) Someday, I will start at the Atlantic Ocean, fill up a water bottle, drive (or take the train) across the country to the Pacific Ocean, and dump the water. I will do the same thing on the return trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
8) I love a hot Vanilla Chai Tea Latte.


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